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One of the features: simple gameplay, high winning rate

"Shi Shi Cai" is a small-cap game, and the game is very simple. Five-star, three-star, two-star, and one-star play methods correspond to 100,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 100 yuan, and 10 yuan of digital combinations, as well as 1/100,000, 1/1,000, 1 percent, and 1/10. high school award rate. The game provides lottery players to choose combination numbers in a small area, with limited combination methods and a high winning rate. Compared with the same type of lottery, "Shi Shi Cai" does not need to spend too much time and energy pondering the number selection, saves time and effort, has super interesting, analytical and entertaining, and greatly reduces the luck component of lottery games.fake website

Feature 2: Quick draw, instant buy and instant redemption

"Shi Shi Cai" is a quick keno lottery, and its biggest selling point is the quick draw. The lottery is drawn once every ten minutes, and 72 lottery draws can be drawn in one day. Lottery players can enjoy the fun of lottery purchases all the time. The prize is redeemed immediately after winning the lottery, which shortens the time to expect the lottery and the time to redeem the prize. Timely and massive lottery data provides sufficient information for lottery players to analyze numbers.deceives

Feature 3: Odds set bonus, fixed bonus

"Shi Shi Cai" sets a fixed bonus, and the odds are played. The fixed bonus of five-star single bet is 100,000 yuan; the fixed bonus of three-star single bet is 1,000 yuan; the fixed bonus of two-star single bet is 100 yuan; the fixed bonus of one-star single bet is 10 yuan, the bonus setting is clear at a glance. Lottery players who play lottery-type floating lottery tickets often do not like to tell others the numbers they bet when selecting numbers, because they are worried that once they win the jackpot, the lottery players with the same number as themselves will share the winnings equally. There is no such situation when playing "Shi Shi Cai", the prize level and bonus are fixed, and the highest prize single bet is 100,000 yuan. No one is afraid that others will know it, and no one will share it.More Details

Feature 4: Prizes are not taxed

Winning a lottery ticket is an accidental income. According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese state, if the winning amount of a single lottery ticket exceeds 10,000 yuan, a 20% personal income tax must be paid. Except for the five-star award, "Shi Shi Lottery" does not need to pay personal income tax no matter how many bets are won in other awards. Therefore, even if a person wins 500 Samsung bets multiple times, and the bonus exceeds 500,000 yuan, he does not need to pay personal income

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